There has seldom been a more crucial time to become a member of the Conservative Party. The EU Referendum campaign proved to be as divisive as that of it’s Independence predecessor We must however honour the democratic process despite the nationalists intent to do otherwise. You can play your part in ensuring the nationalists are not allowed to continue to drive a wedge between us and our friends and neighbours south of the border, by joining your local Conservative Association.

Here in East Renfrewshire we have a thriving Association that plays a full part in both local and national causes and we would be delighted to welcome you as a member. How you take forward your membership is entirely up to you; be it helping in political campaigns, fundraising, debating in our political discussion forums, enjoying our social evenings or simply offering it as a mark of your support for the Conservative Party.

Benefits of Membership

Voting Rights:

You will be entitled to vote in the selection of local Westminster and Scottish parliamentary candidates, local authority candidates and Conservative Party national ballots and general meetings of the Association.

Standing for Election:

As a member you will be eligible to put yourself forward as a Conservative Party candidate for Westminster, Holyrood and local elections (subject to Candidate selection processes)

Party Conferences:

Entitlement to attend all Conservative Party conferences held throughout the country and get involved in policy making and help shape the direction of the Party.


Anyone living in the East Renfrewshire is eligible to apply to join the Association. You do not need to be a registered voter and there is no age limit for membership, although applicants under fifteen cannot be enrolled as full members with voting rights.

To join please send us an email to