A Freedom of Information request from the offices of Jackson Carlaw MSP and Paul Masterton MP suggests that there has been no official communication between East Renfrewshire Council and Advance Construction Ltd or other interested parties since summer 2017 regarding the potential development of Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park.

Before the May 2017 Council Election, it was revealed that developer Advance Construction Ltd had been in talks with East Renfrewshire Council over a planning proposal to re-develop Braidbar Quarry, which also included part of Huntly Park.

The chain of communications sent to Eastwood’s MSP and East Renfrewshire’s MP show that the last e-mail correspondence from the developer occurred on 6 June 2017 and was in relation to Advance Construction Ltd seeking permission to access Braidbar Quarry in order to carry out a bird survey.

A recent survey exercise carried out by Mr Carlaw and Mr Masterton showed that there is an overwhelming opposition to development at the sites from individuals living in the surrounding houses.

Commenting Eastwood MSP Jackson Carlaw said:

“The correspondence forwarded to us by the council suggests that the proposed development project at Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park may have potentially stalled.

“Paul and I will be keeping a close eye on this matter and we will remain vigilant to the prospect of any formal planning proposal.”

East Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton added:

“The results of our FOI request indicate that the council have not been contacted by Advance Construction Ltd in an official capacity since June 2017 regarding the proposal to develop Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park.

“We certainly hope that this is the case and we remain very much opposed to any planning initiative that would see the loss of much loved Huntly Park.”

Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park development potentially stalled